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Adult and Stepparent Adoption

Adult Adoption
A person can be legally adopted over the age of 18. There are several reasons for what is referred to as an Adult Adoption. One reason is to formally establish a relationship between a person who not the biological parent, such as a stepparent or a foster parent. When an adult is adopted, the only consent needed is that of the person being adopted. For a minor to be adopted it is necessary to obtain the consent of the biological parents or to have a hearing and terminate parental rights. The process of adopting an adult is much simpler than the adoption of a minor child. Other reasons include reunification with a birth parent or for inheritance purposes. Once the adoption is complete a new birth certificate will be issued, the person being adopted has the option of a name change or retaining their current name. If you are an adult who wishes to be adopted, please contact the Cantor Law Firm to find out more information.

Stepparent Adoptions
If your stepchild’s natural parent is absent from your stepchild’s life you may want to consider a stepparent adoption. If the stepparent adoption is uncontested the process is simple and easy. Once the stepparent adoption is granted any child support order will be terminated and the former parents loses any rights he/she may have had regarding custody or visitation with the child. It is important to note that if there is a future divorce the stepparent may be responsible for child support and will have rights to custody and visitation. If you feel that a stepparent adoption is the right fit for your family The Cantor Law Firm can assist you with this process.

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