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Adult Legal Name Change

There are several reasons to change your name. Some common reasons are divorce, career advancement, gender transition, to match the last name of a loved one, or for safety reasons. You can change any part of your name, whether it is your first name, last name, or both. You can also change your name to any name you choose. Any individual is entitled to a name change as long as the name change is made in good faith and it is without the intent to defraud creditors. Generally, name changes are simple and stress free. Amy Cantor can assist you with changing your name. She has successfully completed numerous name changes in the St. Louis and St. Charles area.

Legal Name Changes for Transgender and Non-Binary Individuals
For many transgender and non-binary individuals obtaining a legal name is an important step in having their legal identities match their true selves. Obtaining a legal name change can sometimes be an overwhelming process. It involves interaction with the legal system that many people are not familiar with. The Cantor Law Firm can successfully assist you legally change your name.

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