Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Uncontested Divorces
An uncontested divorce is one in which you and your spouse have agreed to resolve all marital issues. This means that you and your spouse have reached an agreement regarding a division of property and debt, spousal support or alimony, custody and child support.

Guardianship for Adults with Disabilities
There are several forms of custody in Missouri: Joint Legal Custody, Joint Physical Custody, Sole Legal Custody, and Sole Physical Custody.

Guardianship for Minors
A guardian of a minor is a legal relationship granted by the court where an adult who is not the child’s natural parent has the responsibility of providing support, care, education, health and welfare for a person under 18 years old.

Adult and Stepparent Adoption
If your stepchild’s natural parent is absent from your stepchild’s life you may want to consider a stepparent adoption. If the stepparent adoption is uncontested the process is simple and easy.

Custody, Child Support and Paternity
If you and your spouse or partner have separated and you have minor children you will need to determine a custody and visitation plan for your children.

Child Support
An often contested area of the law, child support represents monetary support paid by one parent to the other parent to assist in the financial upbringing of children.

Paternity is the word used to define the state of being someone’s father. If a child is born out of wedlock it may be necessary to file a Motion for Paternity to establish the biological father as the “legal father.”

Adult Legal Name Change
There are several reasons to change your name. Some common reasons are divorce, career advancement, gender transition, to match the last name of a loved one, or for safety reasons.

Name Change for a Minor Child
Many children do not have the same last name as the parent that is primarily raising them. A minor name change is a bit more complex than a name change for an adult.

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