For your convenience a list of frequently asked questions about divorce in St. Louis, Missouri as well as in St. Charles and other parts of Missouri are included here:

Q: What is the difference between an Adult Guardianship and a Minor Guardianship?
A. A guardianship of a minor is used when the child’s biological parents have died or are unable to care for their child or children. A court may appoint an adult to care for a minor child and make legal decisions for he or her. The guardianship ends when the child turns 18 or the biological parents petition the court to end the guardianship. An adult guardianship is used to protect an incapacitated person. An adult guardianship requires the guardian to make decisions regarding the health, care and welfare of the incapacitated person. There is no timeline when the guardianship ends. The guardianship continues until the individual dies or the court determines that a guardianship is no longer necessary.

Q: Do birth parents have to consent to an adoption?
A. A relative or stepparent adoption can be filed with the court even if a birth parent does not give their consent to the adoption. However, it can get complicated, and an attorney’s assistance will often be needed.

Q: How long will an uncontested divorce take?
A. The amount of time it takes to get a divorce in Missouri depends upon the issues of the case. In a non-contested divorce in which both parties cooperate with one another the minimum amount of time your divorce can be completed is 31 days after the date of filing. We do everything possible to have your case resolved as soon as reasonably possible and to best ascertain a time frame.

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